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KV is a Goa based event design company started in 2014 for the love and passion of creating meaningful weddings. 

We started out merely as a wedding décor company providing personalised services to couples. Over the years, we have been lucky to have met individuals and be a part of many weddings that match our thought of intimate, meaningful and personal experiences. Owing to this, we have been blessed to create and give life to weddings that are so personal, detailed and moreover which truly define what the individuals are. 

We approach each wedding as a truly personal one and we like working with people who allow us to get to know them and bring their vision to life. Our best clients are the ones who trust us to bring out their style and vision through the little details yet maintaining the understated and elegant aesthetics to make the day special.


As designers, we believe in ‘Less is More’ and a good design with a lot of details. At the same time, we're not fans of producing weddings that all look the same. We embrace the natural settings of the event space combining it with the personal style of the couple, to design a wedding that feels natural, elegant and timeless but always personal. 

As planners, we are all for the experiences and our passion is to help make the day yours in a way that you, your family and guests will take away a lifelong experience. For this, we make sure we connect you with the right minds and the right talents to bring your day to life.

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