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Akshita & Akash
January 2020

We had an opportunity to be a part and plan Akshita & Akash's destination wedding in Goa. With a very clear vision of the kind of wedding they wanted, every function turned out to be a unique one. What was most awe inspiring is they went the sustainable way not just for decor but also for the major parts of the wedding celebrations.  See more

Photo Credits: The Wedding Toast 

Venue: Stone Water Eco Resort, Goa

Nitisha & Peter
November 2019

Nitisha & Peter's wedding is truly one which has been close to our hearts. As intimate it could get, this one was where we've seen the love that goes into two families coming together as one. What we loved most was an interesting mix of elements across 4 functions in this beautiful intercultural wedding. See more

Photo Credits: The Creative Lens, Team KV

Venue: Prainha Resort, Goa

Nandita & Kuber
February 2020

Nandita & Kuber chose to have their destination wedding at a beautiful beachside property in South Goa. The festivities were celebrated across 2 days with a beautiful early morning ceremony by the sea was nothing short of a fairytale. See more

Photo Credits: The Creative Lens

Venue: Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort, Goa

Stacey & Ruel
December 2019

Stacey & Ruel's wedding was a 2 day affair celebrated across 2 venues. The first day being the roce saw a boho-chic, tropical vibe by the beachside. The wedding was designed to set a modern vibe with the use of geometrics and lush greens.  See more

Photo Credits: Magic Motion Media,

Team KV (Roce)

Venue: Prainha Resort & Bay 15, Goa

V+F WEDDING-716_edited.jpg
Venissa & Fares
February 2019

Venissa & Fares always knew what they wanted. Be it the decor, the food, the wine to the music, they knew it all. Knowing the perfectionists they both were, their wedding was exciting as well as a great learning process. We fall short of words to describe how awesome this wedding was! Have a look

Picture Credits: Flashbakc Studios

Venue: Stone Water Eco Resort, Goa

Charu & Jaynesh
December 2018

With months of planning on each & every detail, this wedding was one big celebration spread across 2 days and 2 locations. Charu, our bubbliest bride till date, knew what she wanted and was thorough in her thoughts throughout the process. Every function was thought well through, had the right balance of tradition & style. Have a look

Photo Credits: The Creative Lens

Venues: Prainha Resort & Cidade de Goa, Goa

Charu & Jaynesh
December 2018
And Some more..

A glimpse to some our best works in the past. Take me there

And some more..
KV DECO - H+P Wedding -136.jpg
Priya & Harsh
November 2018

Priya & Harsh chose to have their celebrations across two days. Both being airplane pilots, they had a unique vision for their wedding for each day. The first day being an aviation themed welcome dinner. The wedding was more of a formal affair with their nuptials at a quaint chapel followed by an enchanted forest themed reception dinner at the lush lawns. See more

Photo Credits: Flashbakc Studios,

Rahul de Cunha

Venue: Stone Water Eco Resort, Goa

Rumana & Sebastian
February 2019

Rumana & Sebastian chose the beautiful beachside for their big day! The vows were exchanged with the beautiful hues of the sunset while the dinner was an intimate setup under the starry sky. This wedding was created with the most simplest concepts and elements to create a warm & intimate atmosphere. See more

Photo Credits: PicturePatch

Venue: Holiday Inn Resort, Goa

Komal & Arpit
March 2019

Komal & Arpit, both simple souls had their wedding celebrated by the beachside property of the Caravela Resort. The wedding was celebrated across two days and 5 functions. Filled with traditions and unique cultures, this one was truly one affair where we saw two families come as one. See more

Photo Credits: The Creative Lens

Venue: Caravela Beach Resort, Goa

Komal & Arpit 
March 2019
Surabhi & Vikram
May 2019

A beautiful Indian wedding that was celebrated across 2 days and 4 functions. Just as playful and fun loving they both are, Surabhi & Vikram chose to have each of their function in a distinct way. Minimal, vibrant and an impeccable taste is what would define this wedding the best.  See more

Photo Credits: The Creative Lens

Venue: Alila Diwa, Goa

O+L WEDDING-444.jpg
Lauren & Oliver
February 2019

Lauren & Oliver both from the UK chose a gorgeous beach location to celebrate their destination wedding in Goa. As intimate as it could get, this was a perfect white wedding. See more



Photo Credits: Flashbakc Studios

Venue: Zeebop by the Sea, Goa

K+T VOWS-324.jpg
Tina & Kashif
May 2019

Kashif wanted to surprise Tina on their anniversary and planned a beautiful vow renewal at a quaint villa in North Goa. As romantic & fun he could get, we had him setting up a few decor bits himself. Now who wouldn't want a celebration like this? Take a look

Photo Credits: Flashbakc Studios

Venue: Casa Tina, Goa

Tina & Kashif
May 2019
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